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Main product specifications

◆Injection machine screw and barrel:Φ15-Φ300

◆Length/Diameter Ratio:L/D=15-46

◆Injection molding machine melt tube (barrel) screw specifications:25-3200t power of locknut 30g-25000g capacity of injection

Material:(1) 38CrMolA(2)SKD-61  (3)SKD-11  (4)42CrMo

Processing technology:

Heat_treatment  Hard chrome plating  Nitriding treatment  Vacuum quenching  spray corrosion-resisting and wear-resisting bimetallic layer

Technical Indexes

★Depth of nitration case:0.5~0.8mm

★Nitriding Hardness:900~1000HV

★Nitriding Brittleness:one grade

★Surface  Roughness:Ra 0.4μm

★Screw Straightness:0.015mm

★Hardness of surface chromium coating after nitriding:≥950Hv

★Hardness of dual alloy:HRC55°—62°

★Thickness of chromium coating:0.03—0.08mm

★Depth of dual alloy:> 2mm

★Bimetallic screw— 1、The matrix is42CrMo 2、The matrix is38CrMoALA 3、The matrix isSKD61

★Stainless steel screw-adaptation scope: PC, PVC, acrylic, transparent material, etc.

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