Welcome to Forest and Meadows Products

Forest and Meadow Products is a company recapturing old-time nutritional food products and recipes. We can assure you that we do not use artificial preservatives or additives to make our products. Just as bees gather food for their health and survival, collecting pollen and resins from local trees, or nectar from flowers and native plants, such that the honey they produce is raw and unfiltered, that's the way we offer it to you.

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Bee Approved

Our bees select a wide variety of nectars to give our honey a sweet, complex flavor.


The honey produced by bees is raw and unfiltered. That's the way we offer it to you.


Our products are all natural ingredients and made in small batches to preserve their freshness.


We use no chemical fertilizers to grow the Thai and Habanero peppers used in our products.

I thought I didn't care for honey, for years. That was the grocery store variety. Having tasted Forest and Meadow Products all-natural honey, I absolutely love it!